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commercial vehicles 
& fleet services
As a buisness owner you need to know your vehicles are in top operating condition, repairs and services are completed quickly, and long-term costs are minimized. At In-Gear Mechanical, we can help. 
iN-gEAR mECHANICAL has the tools and expertise to keep things running smoothly.  With trained and experienced technicians, specialized diagnostic and repair tools,  heavy hoists, and alliances with specialty providers, we can take care of you. 

In-Gear has the tools and equipment to handle medium-duty trucks, up to 10 tons. With on-site expertise, a heavy hoist and specialized diagnostic and repair tools, we can find the problem and get your vehicle back on the road.


In-Gear offers custom contracts to meet the specific needs of commercial fleets of all sizes. We emphasize preventative maintenance with a service schedule based on company policy and manufacturers' recommendations. Services include CVSE commercial inspections and ICBC claims. In-Gear is also registered with Element, FOSS, ARI and Jim Pattison.


Do you have specialty equipment or electronics that need to be added, repaired or serviced? Are there modifications or customization you would like done? If it's attached to your vehicle, we can take care of it. 

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