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Taking care of
and the

they drive

In-Gear has the skills and experience to handle all your automotive repairs and maintenance.
We welcome all makes and models of vehicles -
domestic, import, small or large.

Getting you where you want to go. 

repair & service​

All major repairs and services on all makes and models.

Engine Repair & Replacement
Electrical installation or Repair
Exhaust Repair & Replacement 
Brake Repair & Replacement
Transmission Repair & Replacement
Steering and Suspension
Battery, Starting, and Charging System
Cooling System
Air Conditioning and Heating System
Gasoline, Diesel, Propane

Hybrid and Electric

New Vehicle Servicing

ICBC claims



Keep your vehicle running at its best, and minimize long-term costs. 

Factory recommended maintenance 

Oil Changes

Tire Mounting and Balancing

Tire Sales and Service

General Maintenance Inspection
General Engine Performance Analysis Tune-Up
Wheel Alignment 
Automatic Transmission Service
Differential and Driveline Repair

Brake Inspection and Maintenance
D.O.T. Safety Inspection
ICBC Inspection


We diagnose all major issues, so we can fix it right the first time. 

Check Engine Light
ABS Repairs

Traction Control, Stability Control
Battery, Charging, Starting System
Computer Controlled System
Automatic Transmission Control Systems
Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Air Bag Systems
Fuel Injection Service & Component Analysis

& more...

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